The best way to find out the latest developments in quantitative method applications for genetics is through the Annual International Conference of Quantitative Genetics. The 2016 chapter shall be bigger and better than all those that were held in the past. This is because it is working towards bringing a myriad of researchers together, to exchange and share ideas on one outstanding platform.

Participating researchers are expected to be from both the private and the public sectors, sharing how they have modeled modern tools, and the way that these tools are being utilized. Furthermore, the exploration of technology, particularly the advancements that have been done to date will provide excellent resources.

There are guest speakers from all the continents on the globe, who are eager to share their latest findings in the field of quantitative genetics. These international delegates will speak on Genetic Architecture, Modeling Advances, Genomics and more.

Due to the elevated demand for this conference, it is suggested that you book your ticket early to ensure that you do not miss a spot. As you do so, you will also benefit from early bird rates, and exclusive pre-conference information that will help you get the best experience from this conference.

Whether you are interested in finding out about the genomes in plants and animals, this is a conference that you should attend, as it helps provide excellent strides in human understanding from a medical point of view. You will appreciate the vibrant exchange that it will bring forth.