Speakers and Researchers for the Conference

The Annual International Conference of Quantitative Genetics 2016 has attracted more than 300 speakers, who have submitted in excess of 400 abstracts for review. There are speakers that shall present their breaking research, and others who will provide informative critique and insight into this research. Here are some of the main speakers that you can look forward to meeting: –

Susan McCouch

Susan McCouchThis speaker has been with Cornell University for several years, and is a recognized professor working within the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics. The bulk of her research is focused on rice, and she has published extensive research on the rice genome and various options for disease resistance. Her research will introduce you to the species that would be best to use so that farmers are able to produce high yields.

Marcos Malosetti

From the Wageningen University, we have the accomplished researcher and speaker Marcos Malosetti. He is a part of the Mathematical and Statistical Methods Group within the university, and specifically works a Biometric Faculty Member. He has produced extensive research papers that look primarily at how statistical methods can be applied to better help comprehend the complexity of plants. His research is skewed towards happenings within the environment, and the way that genotypes have adapted to their situations.

Bret Payseur

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the home for Bret Payseur, who is resident there as an Associate Professor of Genetics. As a part of his research and life’s work, he makes use of quantitative genetics, particularly looking at genomes and the way that they advance evolution. The research that he has done focused on phenotypes that are extreme and the way that they occur in nature, as well as speciation of genetics. He studies animals, particularly mammals, and has produced extensive papers that examine genomics in house mice.