How to Submit Abstracts for Participation

Submit AbstractsAll abstracts need to be submitted by May 15th 2016, before the date of the Annual International Conference of Quantitative Genetics on June 12th 2016. In order to submit your abstract, you need to have registered and made payment as an attendee.

Abstracts in the following topics shall be considered for presentation: –

  • Introduction to the Genomics Era from the view of quantitative genetics – This shall look at the foundation of quantitative genetics. The research needs to present ground breaking information in the field, and also focus on information on gene expression, molecular markers, methylation levels, DNA sequences and mode.
  • Networks and Causality in Genetics – The research should be focused on the networks of biological systems. This is because amongst molecules it is possible for there to be interactions which then affect phenotypic traits and the people who are found in a range of populations. These interactions include causal effects.
  • Predictions based on Genomic Information – When looking at making a prediction that is of merit with genetics, it is necessary to review the research that has been done to observe these types of phenotypes. These abstracts should also look at what is happening to animals and plants in regards to technology, and how one can personalize medications.
  • Modeling Advances and Tools used for Computation – Information for genomics can help with the understanding of processes and the way that they impact a range of species. This is important when looking at research across populations, especially those that are becoming more advanced.
  • Genomics and the latest data – There is so much data that is available in genomics, that it is expected a bulk part of the research presented will be in this area. From looking at this data and exploring various perspectives, it is expected that there shall be elevated understanding of phenomena that are complex.