Get the Most from Short Courses Pre-Conference

Short Courses Pre-ConferenceTo bring you up to speed with everything to do with the conference, you can register to participate in one of your short courses before the conference. The short courses shall take place the week before the conference, and they are spread out over a total of three sessions. Each session will take a morning or afternoon, and you can choose the session that you want to attend based on the information that you want to learn the most.

It is essential that you note the registration for the short courses is different from that of the main conference, and attracts a different charge.

The courses begin at 8.30 am in the morning for the first session that breaks at twelve noon. The second sessions shall take place in the afternoons, started at 1.30 pm ending at 5.00 pm.

The courses that you can choose include the following: –

Understanding Plant Genomics

These are based on technological advances and the course includes learning based on what has occurred in the past ten years. The course is meant to ensure that all have the skills that are needed for the analysis of data, and the way that the data is to be interpreted.

Statistics of Quantitative Traits

This course looks at biological phenotypes, especially when it comes to the character of human beings. There are current statistics that will be reviewed, and the approaches of computation. You will learn about computer code as well as software and how to implement these approaches.

Selection of Genomes

The prediction of genomes is become more important, especially when it comes to the breeding of livestock and the risk that this may pose to human beings. Through this course, genomic prediction is introduced, including sequence data for genomes as well as strategies that bring together biological information.